Summer Lovin’: Body Positivity for a Sexy Summer

Summer fashions can sometimes send us on an emotional roller coaster. Let’s explore feeling sexy in our skin and rockin’ our bods in everything from swimsuits and sandals to sundresses and shorts. Join Micki for a virtual Pool Party primer that promises sunny days and easy-going vibes ahead! Please feel free to share this invitation with friends! 😀

On Monday, July 9th, I’ll be broadcasting a free, live-streaming, informative class about Body Positivity. Please join me at then. See ya’ there!

BP Summer

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5 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’: Body Positivity for a Sexy Summer

  1. Cool.
    Funnily, though my body is objectively the ‘worst’ it’s ever been, my confidence is the highest it’s ever been.
    Is that an effect of age?
    I may not be perfect but rocking the heck out of my swimsuit this summer and too bad for anyone who can’t handle all that.

    1. I actually think it may be a sign of wisdom that comes with age. Whatever the case be … You go, Darlin’ and ROCK ON!
      (PS: you gotta hook up with me on FB iffin’ you’re of a mind to.

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